• Advanced product design

    Driving advancements in plasterboard product design, specification and installation

  • Improving environmental performance

    Working for continuous improvement in sustainability and environmental performance

  • Raising safety standards

    Striving for higher safety standards in plasterboard handling and installation


The role of the Gypsum Products Development Association (GPDA) is to develop and encourage the understanding of gypsum based building materials and systems. The Association provides a cohesive package of advice and information on all developments affecting the gypsum industry, and communicates it to all aspects of the construction industry. Issues include the latest technical and product developments as well as training opportunities in the industry.

Working with Government

The GPDA began working with Defra and WRAP in 2007 to set measurable recycling targets for the industry. The industry is already exceeding its targets.
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Sustainability and recycling

The plasterboard industry is working across industry and with Government for continuous improvement in the sustainability and environmental performance of its products.
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System design and warranties

Drywall building systems from the UK and Ireland’s plasterboard manufacturers have an unparalleled record for safety and reliability, thanks to a multi-million pound ongoing investment in performance testing.
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